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Tracking Legislation Not Easy for Average Citizens

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The Florida Squeeze

It’s no wonder people are disinterested in politics and our population is overrun with so-called “low information voters”. In Florida, at least, it’s damn near impossible for your average citizen to know what’s going on in the state legislature from day to day.

I’m an advocate for veterans’ issues, so it’s no surprise that I have been doing what I can to ensure passage of some state house and senate bills that would classify veterans as residents for tuition purposes. For that reason, I have chosen not to write on that issue…conflict of interest and whatnot. I’m still not writing about it.

I followed the bills closely, even used those handy little tracking features on the chambers’ respective websites. I sent emails to committee members’ offices and spoke to aides on the phone. I was happy to watch as co-sponsors piled on the house bill. And then…nothing. The bill never…

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April 26, 2013 at 10:28 am

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