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Campaign to Replace Ron Lindsay? Not what I said

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Stephanie Zvan has a response to my post Walking Away and, unsurprisingly, she DRAMATIZES what I said and distorts it. She takes my statement from a previous post

When I saw all of the posts berating Ron and the letter-writing campaign to get him fired, I spoke up and wanted to know what the end-game was. What were they hoping to accomplish? I was told that perhaps either Melody or Rebecca could take his place.

as evidence and proceeds to use this as a gotcha against me. The problem for Stephanie. She is projecting her own ideas of what should be filled in for which posts and letters I am referring to in that statement.

In my post “Walking Away”, I brought up which letter it was that got me to ask the million dollar question of who would replace Ron. I, at no time, stated, suggested or implied that there was a campaign to replace Ron with Melody or Rebecca. Indeed, if you look at that post, I even made an edit when it came to my attention that Melody had a facebook status claiming there was a rumor to this effect.

The screenshot is provided. My words are provided.  Stephanie is misrepresenting them. Tellingly, she doesn’t address the fact that I mentioned others in that post that called for Ron’s firing.

Edit 6/23/13 10:27 pm

Stephanie has been informed of the following  in the comment section of her blog post-

MA melby comment

Will she write a retraction or at least a correction?


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June 23, 2013 at 9:30 pm

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Walking away from THAT Stereotype

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There have been numerous blanket dismissals of the idea that some feminists have really demanded that Ron Lindsay be fired. I know that people have addressed Amanda Marcotte’s tweet wherein she states, “I will be blunt, If the secularist movement continues to support Ron Lindsay, I will publicly write them off as irrelevant.” I have not seen people point to the later tweet in which she directed people to actually write to the board and tell them, “if he is not removed, you will withdraw your support”


and Chris Clark’s tweet in which he reminds followers that CFI has the right to fire Ron Lindsay even though he gets his job position incorrect. Ron is not the Executive Director. He is the President and Chief Executive Officer. Tom Flynn is the Executive Director.


What I think has been wholly overlooked is the inflammatory letter that was sent to the CFI board by a Secular Woman member. It was then prominently featured on their website.  He demands Ron’s removal not once but twice.

It is thus that I urge you to remove Ron Lindsay from his position of CEO.
This would have to begin with the replacement of Ron Lindsay

This letter was posted to the Secular Woman group and it was in the thread generated under this post that it was suggested that either Melody Hensley or Rebecca Watson could replace Ron.  When I asked the simple question who would replace Ron in response to the Charles Loelius letter, I got chastised to SHUT UP and LISTEN to the MAN.  I have whited or blacked out names to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.   Loelius’ name remains as he was the author of the letter.  When this thread was happening, the content was so outrageous, I knew these feminists could no longer be counted on to represent a moderate viewpoint.

ron fired

replace w- hensley

replace w- hensley2

I think it is fairly safe to say that, yes, the most outraged feminists have been demanding Ron be fired.  Not only do they want him fired, but the choice of his replacement isn’t based upon qualifications, only whether or not  she would irritate him and Vacula.

I am aware that Ron has now issued an apology.  The fact is, they were not simply seeking an apology. They were demanding his removal. The statement that the board issued was viewed as an insult, so much so that Greta Christina withdrew from her speaking engagement and Rebecca Watson announced a boycott.

Today, it seems that a lot of back-peddling is happening. Dana Hunter, of FTB, went from being furious with Ron and stating the following,

 We no longer trust Ron Lindsay and the CFI Board of Directors to act in our best interests.


I hereby rescind my request for your head on a pike your resignation.

Stephanie Zvan, of the same blog network,  thanks Ron for his apology, and then promptly demands more action,

A prompt announcement of Women in Secularism 3

Melody’s reception speech from Women in Secularism 2 posted at the CFI blog.

Willingness to reach out on controversial topics. I don’t think feminism should be particularly controversial topic, but controversy is obviously built around it. With this and other hot-button issues, I would like to see secular and skeptical leadership (I am not just talking about CFI here) talk more to the people involved in the controversies.

This third item is particularly ironic because isn’t that precisely what Ron was attempting to do with his speech? Isn’t that what a lot of have tried to do and then got shut down?  The demand for more action  seems to be because they have become emboldened by the fact that he offered an apology in response to their letters.  I was actually not surprised by his apology. What surprised me was the fact that is was so long forthcoming.

People are now complaining that his apology is stiff and not genuine. What do you expect from someone when you put a figurative gun to his head.

gun to his head

I spent the last month in the Secular Woman members only group watching in dismay as the women I once admired started perpetuating all of the most horrid stereotypes feminists fight against -being angry man-hating shrill sexists.

attacks on men

Right before I hit publish, this gem of a thread happened on Facebook.  A feminist was wielding the word privilege like a baseball bat at a man’s head and swinging like it was her third out and bases were loaded.She didn’t want to hear a thing he had to say simply because he was a man and shut him down with one word, “privilege”  Seems to me this validates what Ron Lindsay said in his speech.

privilege talking


You know, if merely thinking that men can be my allies in this movement makes me a chill girl, well then…

are you a chill

Anyway, I just joined JREF and am headed to TAM2013.

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June 23, 2013 at 12:52 pm

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EllenBeth Wachs and Her Gods 06/22 by Chill Girls In Pink Corvettes | Blog Talk Radio

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June 22, 2013 at 3:50 pm

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Swimming against the tide

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June 22, 2013 at 9:00 am

USCIS Retracts Request for Evidence of Religious Status; Margaret Doughty Awarded Citizenship

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This is a quick win for the secular American and the Constitution. It doesn’t usually happen this way.

Divided Under God

doughtyOn Friday June 14th, we broke the story of Margaret Doughty, a 64-year old atheist from the UK who was told by the USCIS that in order to gain conscientious objector status, she would need to provide evidence of a religious reason for her objection “on official church stationery, attesting to the fact that [she is] a member in good standing and the church’s official position on the bearing of arms.”  This was a clear violation of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, as pointed out in a similar Supreme Court Case, Welsh v. United States.

The story hit the national stage, featured in articles on CNN, Huffington Post, Raw Story, RichardDawkins.net, and many others. Ms. Doughty’s case was brought to the attention of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, who wrote a letter to the USCIS on her behalf, as well as the American Humanist Association…

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June 21, 2013 at 7:47 am

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Katie Leaves Skepchik

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Katie is fed up with the bullying of the Skepchiks and one in particular,

Rebecca Watson (and a lot of her following, really) is a cyber bully. Plain and simple. For a (semi) recent example, see this. Sara pointed out a very legitimate point but instead of discussing that point in a logical and interesting manner Rebecca just attacks her. I have seen this happen a number of times with Rebecca and other people on the skepchick network. When people point out a legit problem they attack instead of thoughtfully engage.

She has decided enough is enough and quit her position as a Teen Skepchik to return to the site The Canadian Atheist.

She has pointed out that if you disagree with Rebecca or her minions that you will be eaten alive-

Go try and disagree with Rebecca or someone on that site (or off the site) and see how fast the skepchick network minions jump on you and eat you alive.

I suggest that is because of the crossover of commenters that pollinate both the Skepchik blogs and the Freethought Blogs.

She goes on –

I don’t want to be associated with these attitudes and approaches to real life problems. I would rather be associated with thoughtful and clam reactions to what people say.

I understand the feeling the, Katie.  Good luck to you!

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June 21, 2013 at 7:26 am


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June 20, 2013

 Lakeland, Fla. — EllenBeth Wachs has filed a lawsuit in Polk County against Atheists of Florida, Inc. to release her from paying a judgment resulting from an unsuccessful prayer lawsuit against the City of Lakeland.

Wachs, a Polk County resident and well known embattled church/state separation activist, offered to be listed as a plaintiff to provide Atheists of Florida legal standing.  The lawsuit, which was filed July 2010 in Federal District Court in Tampa, asked the city to replace its meeting prayers, which were exclusively Christian in nature, with a more inclusive seated moment of silence.  The suit was eventually lost at the district court level and was again unsuccessful on appeal.

Consequently, the City of Lakeland entered a judgment against the plaintiffs, EllenBeth Wachs and Atheists of Florida, for costs amounting to $6,691.95.

Edward Gollobith, who currently controls the Atheists of Florida bank account, has refused to pay the judgment.  Incredibly, Gollobith is demanding that Wachs split the bill with the organization in spite of the guarantee, prior to the initiation of the lawsuit, that she would be indemnified of any costs incurred.  Gollobith’s reneging of this guarantee has resulted in her filing this current lawsuit against the organization.

In November 2011, Gollobith, who at the time was Chairman of the Board, led a coup to oust Wachs, the organization’s vice-president, and its president, John Kieffer, from the group days after Wachs offended Gollobith for not including him in her slate of recommended candidates for the group’s board of directors.   Kieffer had also inadvertently troubled him for using his legal name, Gollobith, on the ballot for the 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, instead of his nickname, “Ed Golly.”  Wachs is currently suing Gollobith — and those board members who signed on to Gollobith’s allegations against her — for defamation.   Both Wachs and Kieffer are litigants in yet another lawsuit with Gollobith for control of the organization.

Wachs said, “I had my house searched, ransacked and turned upside down, spent almost a week in solitary confinement stemming from my activism,  and now I can’t even refinance that house that was raided and invaded because of this judgment entered against me.”

For more information contact-

John Kieffer,

Co-President, Atheists & Humanists of Florida


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June 20, 2013 at 10:56 am