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Ben Goren
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Either the woman was raped or not; either she’s truthful or a liar.
If a liar, no more need be writ.

But if she was raped, her failure to get immediate medical attention and file a police report combined with her subsequent decision to try the case in the court of public opinion could not have been better calculated to be ineffective at protecting potential future victims and to ensure that justice is not done.

Yes, I understand that rape is a horrible crime — apparently, I understand this much better than you do. But, horrible as rape is, this alleged victim is supposedly a competent adult, and competent adults have crystal-clear duties when witnessing violent crimes, including as a victim. Merely being victimized does not absolve you of those responsibilities — else, by definition, the responsibilities wouldn’t exist. As soon as the immediate threat has passed, you call the police (or your own lawyer to speak to the police on your behalf). Period, full stop, end of story. The only exception is police corruption or complicity, which I’ve yet to hear alleged.

Failure to report violent crime makes you an accomplice, and accomplices are practically the archetypes of antisocial jerkwad lame losers. And, oh-by-the-way, they’re also criminals, with the same criminal responsibility as the perpetrator.

Rape is no different from any other violent crime. Attempts by the pseudo-feminist crowd such as the A+ movement epitomizes to somehow differentiate it by excusing victims from the civic responsibility of reporting it to the police and fully engaging in the prosecution of perpetrators (because, gee, the poor widdle girl was too scared somebody might hurt her fweewings) are about as antisocial — and, in particular anti-woman — as it gets.

Let’s say PZ sincerely believes the woman’s allegations. He also failed in his own civic duties. He should have told the woman that this needs to be reported to the police this very instant, and have offered to acted as her champion in that process. As an undergraduate professor at a public university, and somebody who therefore should be expected through training or experience to know how to deal with reports by vulnerable young women of sexual assault, PZ’s decisions to report the allegations to the blogosphere rather than the police are even more reprehensible than the woman’s own failures in her civic duties. And, of course, if PZ doesn’t sincerely believe the allegations, then he really deserves the legal reaming he’s likely about to get.

The mere fact that we’re learning of the allegations from some random squid blog rather than from the publication of an arrest warrant (or, better yet, an actual arrest) tells you all that you need to know: this has nothing whatsoever to do with crime and justice. What it actually has to do with should be obvious, but is best left as an exercise for the reader to discern.

Why Evolution Is True

I’ve been reading a bit about Mormon theology for my book, and that theology is not only plenty weird, but a major part of it has been decisively disproven by modern genetics, archaeology, and linguistics. (One of my theories, which is mine, is that the closer in time to the present day a theology arose, the weirder it looks. Really, Mormon theology is no weirder than Christian or Hindu theology, and Scientology seems ridiculous largely because we were alive when it was made up.)

An important part of Mormon theology is the contention that the ancestors of Native Americans were in fact Israelites who migrated to the Americas from the Middle East about 2,600 years ago in the form of two tribes: the Nephites and the Lamanites.  About a millennium later, their descendants had a big war, with the Lamanites wiping out every Nephite but one. That survivor was Moroni…

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