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Outrage Porn: How the Need For ‘Perpetual Indignation’ Manufactures Phony Offense

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Can this be applied to specific communities? I think the answer is obvious #FTBullies


Imagine this was your job: you had to wake up every morning, read and watch what was going on in the world, and then, even if you didn’t actually feel this way — in fact, in spite of the fact that you didn’t feel this way—react with outrage about all of it. 

Increasingly, this is the life of the blogger. Despite all the attention and traffic of Upworthy gets for being “positive” these days, outrage and indignation are and always will be pageview magnets. “Outrage porn,” as we’ve come to call it, checks all the boxes of compelling content—it’s high valence, it drives comments, it assuages the ego, projects guilt onto a scapegoat and looks good in your Facebook Feed. 

With the exception of Valleywag, very few sites practice the art exclusively but every website, including Betabeat, knows it’s an easy way to get traffic. As Jezebel—a purveyor of…

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February 27, 2014 at 8:11 am

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GRAPHIC LANGUAGE: Oklahoma restaurant owner says doesn’t want ‘f*ggot, freak’ customers

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KKK is running the show here


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ENID, Okla. – A restaurant in Enid is getting heat after one of its patrons posted a pretty strong message on social media about discrimination.

The restaurant and bar has been open for more than four decades and carries quite the reputation.

We want to warn you, this story does feature some graphic language.

Gary James, owner of Gary’s Chicaros, said, “I’ve been in business 44 years, I think I can spot a freak or a faggot.”

He added, “I don’t deal with these people walking down the street with no jobs on welfare.”

James said, “If I reached over there and slapped the sh** out of you, you should be offended. But to call someone a ‘chink’ or someone call me a bigot, that doesn’t bother me.”

Now, a wave of comments on Facebook claim James refuses to serve African-Americans, Hispanics and people with disabilities, like…

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February 8, 2014 at 12:22 am

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When Is Jezebel Going To Stop Being Offended?

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Thought Catalog

I mean, I get it. I could read the internet all day and find people who do offensive things too. How does that help women? I would actually argue that it’s slactivism on an enormous scale because the good mental feeling of moral and intellectual superiority from reading article after article confirming your existing worldview prevents people from feeling motivated to do any actual action that Jezebel might endorse.

Here’s some things they’ve been offended by lately:

Bar serves a drink called “Date Grape Koolaid”

Controversial? Sure. Going to change anyone’s mind? No.

What’s funny to me is that the writer of this article, Kelly Faircloth, laughs at the person who runs the bar’s social media for standing behind their choice rather than espousing a corporate-speak apology. I thought every 20-something was familiar enough with bars that they knew these social accounts are run by waitress turned bartender turned manager…

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February 2, 2014 at 7:38 pm

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Elevatorgate collides with Pharyngulagate or How Not to Build Community 101

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So, I will let the readers decide who is being reasonable and rational and who is being abusive. Fun fact, I have never posted in the slymepit. I have never even registered at that forum. I haven’t even read it in months. Additionally, I am not sure how to disavow a video by Renee that she didn’t make. Oh, I also learned that I spend my time harassing Skepchik through twitter. WHO KNEW??











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February 1, 2014 at 9:11 am