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Cat hair: how to get over it?

The days get longer, the temperatures gradually soften… so many signs that show us the return of spring. But this season also marks the return of the invaders: hair! Unless you own a sphinx cat (whose coat is very, very short), soon cat hairs will be everywhere in your house: embedded in the carpet and on the fabric of the sofa, on your favorite black jacket and even in your food! Here are some tips to overcome this situation.

Cat hair: the causes of the problem

Hairs are not eternal. Like humans, kitty loses them continuously and steadily. But our feline friends are also distinguished by a seasonal “molt. This phenomenon is particularly pronounced for cats living partly outdoors. They change hair “coats” twice a year (their coat is thicker in winter) and lose a significant amount of hair in the spring and fall.

If your cat loses abnormal amounts of hair outside of these periods, you will still need to worry. Hair loss can be caused by nutritional deficiencies or hormonal disorders (including thyroid problems). It can also be a sign of stress or boredom: cats can then lick excessively which causes hair loss. Localized holes in the coat may finally be a sign of parasites or skin disease. If in doubt, take a trip to his favorite vet…

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Preventive methods

In your war against cat hair, first, adopt a preventive strategy. The most effective is to brush regularly kitty: here are so many hairs caught that will not end up flying in the house (or in the stomach of the kitty)! A short-haired cat should be brushed at least once a week, and even more often during seasonal molting. For long-haired cats, daily brushing is recommended.

To improve the vigor of your cat’s coat, you can also give him this well-known natural remedy that is beer yeast. Also, choose a diet rich in omega 3 and 6. Finally, there are also tips for “hiding” the presence of cat hair. It is better to opt for dark furniture when you have a black cat and vice versa. As for clothes, you can spray a little hair on it to reduce their static electricity (this will prevent cat hair from being “magnetized” by the fabric).


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The hunt for cat hair

To overcome kitty hair in your home, you will still have to go through other weapons. Your best ally here is the vacuum cleaner. Some brands even offer models (with special brushes and filters) dedicated to hunting animal hair. On fabrics and clothing, you can use a sticky brush or an electrostatic brush. Note that the action of the latter can be replaced by the passage of a balloon or an old sticker strung on the hand.

For stubborn hairs, especially on cushions or in carpets, you can also use a silicone peg brush. More economical versions: use a latex glove (a type of crockery glove) or a window raclette. Finally, if you are tired of finding cat hair on your clothes coming out of the washing machine, know that adding a few gripping balls in the drum with your linen will reduce this phenomenon.


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