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Stay on topic

Stay on topic

Moderation is necessary. It keeps the people on topic and stops personal attacks.

1. All worldviews  are welcome. I will not allow proselytizing .

2. No sexism, racism, insults or flame wars will be tolerated. I moderate the first comment. A warning may or may NOT be given depending on the egregious nature of the post. Do not whine about this. This is MY blog.

3. Please no long, rambling and/or derailing posts-  Stay on the topic.  Long comments are not per se disallowed if they present cogent points.  Comments with multiple URLs are automatically moderated.

If at any time you want to whine about moderation or criticism you have received, or you feel the moderation or comments have been capricious and or unfair,  let me know. You may or may not get a response depending upon my mood and/or time.

I write this blog for my pleasure, not yours.

If you get banned for violating one of my rules or because my cat hit delete, you can whine about your Freeze peach being violated on your own blog.

Your feedback appreciated.  It may or may not be considered. .


Written by EllenBeth Wachs

March 3, 2013 at 4:59 pm

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