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The Offense Industry On The Offense

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The Dish

In a really terrific post during my vacation, Freddie DeBoer nailed something to the cross:

It seems to me now that the public face of social liberalism has ceased to seem positive, joyful, human, and freeing. I now mostly associate that public face with danger, with an endless list of things that you can’t do or say or think, and with the constant threat of being called an existentially bad person if you say the wrong thing, or if someone decides to misrepresent what you said as saying the wrong thing. There are so many ways to step on a landmine now, so many terms that have become forbidden, so many attitudes that will get you cast out if you even appear to hold them.

Freddie’s concern was with online hazing of the politically incorrect. Writers are not just condemned any more for being wrong or dumb or rigid. They…

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September 21, 2014 at 9:33 am

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Adam Lee has lost it

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Why Evolution Is True

One of the most despicable attacks on Richard Dawkins in recent years (and that’s saying a lot!) has been posted at the Guardian; it’s by Adam Lee, atheist blogger who writes at “Daylight Atheism”. I won’t bother to dissect it in detail because reading it makes me ill. Dissing Richard is a regular thing at the Guardian these days, and there’s no shortage of unbelievers willing to answer the call. Lee’s piece is called “Richard Dawkins has lost it: ignorant sexism gives atheists a bad name.” Read it and weep. If you cheer, you shouldn’t be reading this website.

It’s one-sided, quoting only the anti-Dawkins Usual Suspects, and accuses not only Dawkins but Sam Harris of “ignorant sexism.” To do so, Lee relies on quotes that have been cherry-picked by people determined to bring down Richard and Sam.  Rather than distress my lower mesentery by going through the piece, I’ll post the remarks…

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September 20, 2014 at 9:51 pm

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The 10 Kinds of Trolls You Will Encounter When Talking About Mike Brown

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Olivia A. Cole


If you’re paying attention to the events unfolding in Ferguson—and by God, you better be—then you probably already know there is a group of people in this country of ours who are determined to change the focus of the conversation about the murder of Mike Brown and the subsequent protests, attempting to shift the lens away from the Constitutional rights of US citizens and the murder of a black teenager. If you’re reading this, you probably already know the folks I’m talking about. But here they are. #Staywoke.

The Full-Blown Racist Troll (trigger warning)

Block on sight. Some of them are friends of your Facebook friends—block them. Some of them are your Facebook friends. Many of them are accounts like the one I have screenshotted below: anonymous and relying on blatantly racist language, such as blackface imagery, monkey references, use of the N-word, etc. These have exploded over the last…

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August 20, 2014 at 1:24 pm

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PZ Myers is Ron Paul

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The <spb>

If you were a libertarian around 2008, it seemed you either accepted Ron Paul as the best chance of something libertarianish becoming president, or you thought he was a terrible example of a libertarian. I was in the latter camp. Somehow he managed to convince people he was all for liberty and freedom. However, it only took a little bit of research to learn about the Ron Paul newsletters, vile hateful things published in his name that he was in fact completely aware of. Looking at his voting history, you could see that he was against women’s right to choose and he cared little to nothing for gay rights. He was outraged at the result of Lawrence v Texas, a Supreme Court case that struck down an anti-sodomy law that regulated what people do in their private lives. He was admittedly anti-science, saying he didn’t accept evolution, didn’t accept climate…

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August 17, 2014 at 8:07 am

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Uniformed Sexual Predators — Officer Garrett Vandereecken

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August 10, 2014 at 8:26 am

Skeptoid Is No More

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and this is how you do a fair job reviewing a situation with a fellow skeptic

The <spb>

At least that’s my guess. Brian Dunning was sentenced to fifteen months in prison for defrauding eBay on August 4th, 2014. With Shawn Hogan getting seven months for defrauding ebay four times as much, I’m guessing the length of sentence is a bit of a surprise for Brian, but I say that without any inside knowledge. I’m sure the auto-posters will run for a while, and a bunch of Skeptoid episodes are probably in the can, but fifteen months is a pretty long time for a podcast to take a break. I think for all intents and purposes, Skeptoid is defunct.

Unlike some “skeptics” I did not read the news of Brian’s sentencing with glee. I did not read it with a lot of sadness either. I am not a friend of Brian’s, I rarely put people on pedestals, and truth be told, I’ve barely listened to Skeptoid for a…

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15 Things I Always Wanted To Say To Customers When I Worked In Retail

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I need the version for internet retailers!!

Thought Catalog

10 Items or Less - Seasons 1 &amp; 2 10 Items or Less

1. To the person that says, “Oh! It isn’t scanning! That must mean it’s free!”

Every time someone tells that joke a cashier dies. I hope you can sleep with that on your conscience.

2. To the person that says, “It is such a beautiful day outside. Such a shame you have to be in here all day!”

Well, fortunately I have people like you to remind me how sad and vitamin D deficient my life is. Thanks for doing your part.

3. To the person that insists on taking the opportunity of a captive audience to tell me how perfect and great their child is:

You think THAT’S impressive? I saw a kid make a slip n’ slide with nothing but his own urine and a tile floor. THAT is ingenuity!

4. To the person that insists I check in the back for an item:

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