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Katie Leaves Skepchik

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Katie is fed up with the bullying of the Skepchiks and one in particular,

Rebecca Watson (and a lot of her following, really) is a cyber bully. Plain and simple. For a (semi) recent example, see this. Sara pointed out a very legitimate point but instead of discussing that point in a logical and interesting manner Rebecca just attacks her. I have seen this happen a number of times with Rebecca and other people on the skepchick network. When people point out a legit problem they attack instead of thoughtfully engage.

She has decided enough is enough and quit her position as a Teen Skepchik to return to the site The Canadian Atheist.

She has pointed out that if you disagree with Rebecca or her minions that you will be eaten alive-

Go try and disagree with Rebecca or someone on that site (or off the site) and see how fast the skepchick network minions jump on you and eat you alive.

I suggest that is because of the crossover of commenters that pollinate both the Skepchik blogs and the Freethought Blogs.

She goes on –

I don’t want to be associated with these attitudes and approaches to real life problems. I would rather be associated with thoughtful and clam reactions to what people say.

I understand the feeling the, Katie.  Good luck to you!


Written by EllenBeth Wachs

June 21, 2013 at 7:26 am